Help me please(online)
  • Hi guys, heres the deal, belkin router 100% signal, i can never get connected, it always times out when connecting with psnetwork, it succeeds on obtaining ip and internet connection. i have opened the ports on my router, still doesnt work, been on the phone to belkin and sony they dont have a clue, so i went through dmz, still wont work. wot can i do except throw it in the bin?? it all works fine wirelessly on my wii and laptop and desktop. any help would be great, cheers
  • The only other thing I can think of is to set up a custom IP address on the router through its DHCP function and maybe doublecheck the DNS servers in your PS3's settings.

    One other option may be a simpler solution- turn the router off for a bit and back on again. I've had a couple of other instances when that would fix the problem (sometimes the simplest solutions are the hardest to find and all that).
  • How do i set up a custom ip adress, and where do i check the dns servers?thanks for your help
  • You'll find the DNS servers in the router's status page, where it tells you a summary of your connection. These should be the same as what your internet provider gave so if you can't find them you could always phone your net provider and ask their tech support.

    To set up a custom IP address for your PS3 look for DHCP in the router settings. You will need to use the PS3's MAC Address to do this - go to Settings, then System Settings, then System Information to find this on the PS3.
  • thanks for the help but nothing is working, im so annoyed, i cant think of anything, maybe ill buy a new router or something?would that work?
  • It may be the easiest solution. Several others have had problems with the belkin brand. I'm not really a fan of them myself- prefer D-Link as they are easier to configure.
  • would d-link be the best suited for ps3 or what about netgear?
  • My personal preference is the D-Link brand- i find their layout in the set up is much more straightforward and it's easier to access some of the more advanced things like the DHCP function. I suggest going with it. The DI-624 is reasonable in price and a good choice.
  • i bought a d link and it took me 10 mins to setup and im flying with the ps3 online, thanks for the help guys