• Retractible bridge you know the place. Keep falling off? help Lyndon!!
  • [b]Still having troubles in the Water Tower area,ek1?Here's the complete process for this area:

    You find yourself on a platform high in the air. Leave Yorda where she is and hop across the gap to a wooden bridge. Drop down the side of the platform, then use the bar that extends across the abyss to get across. Drop down on the ledge of a high wall. Use the ridges on the wall to get on top of this area, where you will find several criss-crossing wooden bridges. Follow the path until you find a small, broken ladder. Climb part-way down it, then leap over to the platform. Climb the wooden scaffolding until you reach another platform, then walk over to the chain and move down it slightly. Swing on the rope toward the bridge. Jump toward the bridge, knocking it down.

    Once it's down, hop over the gap and help Yorda over both jumps. Continue down the path all the way to the building at the other end. Inside, you'll find sticks and bombs. Trade your sword for a stick and heft one of the bombs. Take it out to the platform just across from the water tower. Put it down on the edge of the platform, then go light your stick. Use the torch to light the bomb, then pick the bomb up, take a few steps back and move toward the water tower. Press CIRCLE to throw the bomb toward the water tower. The explosion will cause a chain reaction that will bring a section of bridge down across the walkway.
    Go exchange your stick for a sword, then cross the bridge you just brought down. Move down the path until you find a chain. Climb up it to another high criss-crossing section of wooden walkways. Up here, you'll find a crate. Push it off of the edge it's nearest to, then drop to the area below. Push the crate over to the ledge to the right of the energy barrier. Climb up on top of this ledge and pull the lever to bring the nearby chain over. Head back up to the high wooden paths and jump to the newly-lengthened chain. Use the chain to swing over to the stone platform with a turnstile atop it. Push the turnstile around to bring a large iron crate out. Use the chain to get back to the walkway, then follow it back to Yorda. Once there, hop across to the crate and help the princess across to the area with the energy barrier. Watch out for a creature attack as you cross.
    Go through the energy doors. In the next area, lead Yorda across the bridge to a new set of energy doors. Head through. You're back outside the castle, on another long, long walkway. Follow it to the tower, where you will encounter another energy door. Step inside.

    That should get you through it.Good luck with the rest of the game!
  • Sorry Lyndon but I ment the main bridge over the water where ico and yorda get separated? I cant seem to find any hand hold when the bridge retracts?

    So I tried one last thing and it worked thanks for the help.