• I have just read a review of ICO and seen some screenshots and i can only say WOW. this game sounds like the bomb. And now i am wondering when does this game gonna be realesed in EU????
    And have someone played a demo or something like that???
  • Yep,I've played the demo that was in the latest Official US PlayStation Magazine.This game is definitely one of the highlights for the fall season.I'll try to find a release date for you.
  • Ahh. It's upsetting that i can't find the European release date. The last update that i've seen is for an August of this past month as a release. It was released today in the states and man is it a great game other than the language barrier. The language never changes and you can't figure out what Gorda's saying but there are sub titles for everyone else. Well, i'm sorry that i can't be of a bigger help to you in your search for Ico.
  • Sonys latest releases just arrived in todays mail and ICO doesnt feature on it at this stage, so it looks like it may be a 2002 release now.


    This is Fottball 2002 - 28th Sept
    Time Crisis 2 - 19th Oct
    Air Blade - 9th Nov
    Klonoa 2 - 9th Nov
    Jak and Dexter - Dec
    Moto GP2 - Dec
    Dropship - Jan 2002
    Twisted Metal Black - TBA
  • Hmmmmm....
    I want that game NOW, but i suppose that i have to wait just like everybody else, why cant they realese the games at the same time worldwide, so i dont have to be jeuolus(spelling??)...
    But thanx anyway guys for ur help, and if anyone hear something about this game plzz post it here ASAP...
  • hi there pinballwizard well i just played this game on demo and i toocan't wait to get it!!!
  • YEs, I can't wait to get it too.
  • I agree with Pinball, it would be better if games were realeased globally at the same time but I guess that would mean that folk in Japan and the US would then have to wait as long as we in UK do and they probably wouldn't be too happy about that.
    Ico looks fab from what I've seen - which is thanks to Madster for giving me the info and he link - I shall definitely be reserving a copy!
  • Ico is scheduled for a March release, seems like a long way away for me. Time Crisis has fallen back to November. Let's see a couple others; Final Fantasy X in March, as is Virtua Fighter 4, and Ace Combat 4 out in January. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Well thanx for the info madhtr, MARCH it is like a lifetime to wait in this buisness, Lola if everyone had to wait it would feel much better for me..:D