• I recently bought a PS3 but am having trouble connecting it to the online network. It recognises the Wireless network i will be using but won't let me connect to anything. When i try to connect to sony network it says
    "a connection to the network could not be established" check settings\etc.
    So i check my network settings and it says internet connection is enabled.connection method-wireless,signal strength-100%,it has an SSID name and BSSID number(whatever they are), has a channel number etc.

    what do i need to do?
  • Is your network encrypted? It may be it cannot connect because you did not put the pass key into your PS3 connection settings.
  • how do i put that key into the ps3?
  • Part of the process when setting up the connection on the PS3 when going wireless is selecting the encryption type- if you do choose an encryption (WEP as an example) it will bring up a blank to enter the key. You will have to go into the router settings to find the key set up to allow passage onto the network.
  • having already done the setup on my ps3(and potentially overlooked/bypassed that) how do i get back to this point to be able to input the key?
  • You simply go back into Network Settings and do the process just as you did before- you will be able to edit any settings you made already and add anything you may have missed.
  • thanks, i've now done all that.it seems to have worked.it now lets me access the browser and sony network.i've just tried to sign up to sony network,filled everything in and then when i went to confirm, it said no connection could be established. and had 80711008 next to it????????
  • First i would try going into the router settings and making sure all of the ports needed for gaming are open. I've listed the ports needed in a number of the recent threads so a quick search of the forum for "port numbers" should turn them up. Then head into the port Forwarding section of the router settings and enter in each one.