• Good morning,
    I'm at the point where I think its calle the east pillar. As I entered this area I saw what looked like the sword. There are two rooms here with large circles on the wall. I have pulled a swith near one of these but I'm stuck and can't find the sword.
  • [b]Hello again edward. :) This area is actually called East Arena.What you have to do is open the big circular windows in the wall-there are 2 of them.You would have seen the sword stuck in the circle you see when first entering the arena.

    First thing to do in here is head through the open door in the wall beside the staircase.When you arrive in the next room,climb down the ladder and climb up onto the small platform.When you call Yorda and pull her up onto it a staircase leading up to the other window will appear-as well as some shadows.When you pulled the lever it should have revealed some torches on either side of the window.Light the stick and use that to ignite the candles.The window will now open and you'll be able to climb up onto the grassy plain on the other side.

    Once outside you'll see a ladder along the wall.Climb up and call for Yorda.Pull the lever you'll find in the room here to reveal the other torches.Light your stick and drop down into the room below. Light the candles behind the fenced walkway.Once you light the candles on each side of the window it will open and release the sword.You can then climb onto the sill to call Yorda and climb back into the room on the other side.

    That should get you started-good luck!