• i am new on this how i conect my ps3 online ,i have wireless enternet on my pc ,but dat thing is i get satellite signal from my neigbor thank u! i hope u help me;) :D
  • First thing I'll say is ...STOP MOOCHING! :p You would be better off using your own internet access (if you don't have it see about getting it). There should be a wise variety of choices for you in Florida.

    Next, satellite internet access is practically useless for online play due to the amount of lag time when sending up. You would be better off with cable or DSL (or even the Verizon FiOS if available).
  • Uffffffff I Hope We Have Dsl Or Cable Internet Dat Thing Is I Live In Country And Theres No Service On Dsl Or Cable Dat Only Thing 2 Get Internet Is Dial Up Or Satellite This Is Small Country The Store More Close 2 Us Is At 10 Milles But Thank U !!!!