my new baby
  • Oh Jane! It's a lovely little bundle!

    I wanted my baby to be that color, but they didn't have anything that came close.

    Congratulations! You and Tiff must be so proud.;)
  • Jane, I didn't know you had a facebook. I just sent you a friend request.

    Who else has a facebook?

    Nice car btw :D
  • I have a facebook account too but don't go to it very often- just not enough time to mess with it.

    Nice looking little car there, Jane- going to trust Tiff with it? ;)
  • I have a facebook, but it doesn't get used as much as myspace.
  • yeah tiff gets to drive it as long as he is taking me somehwere!!
  • Nice car Jane, I love my little black Punto.

    Had a 2.0 litre VW Passat Sport, it drank fuel and cost a fortune when something went wrong.

    i now have a black tin box, with no central locking, no air conditioning, no imobiliser, and no PROBLEMS!!!!!

    I love it.

    I also have a Face book page - Paul Donlan if ya want to see what i really look like.
  • OMG pokerdon small world - im from wigan too!!! Where abouts do you live?
  • full of northerners this forum i tell thee.
  • |Where abouts are you from?
  • Pewortham (officially) but preston about 25 mins down the road from wigan.
  • Oh yes i know preston, a friend of ours has a band that plays there sometimes
  • your baby! you got me worried there... well done on the car!
  • ha ha - no nothing the real baby front - Have to pay for this baby first - Although as soon as my claim comes through after my crash should be OK!
  • Link does not work :P you lot are a bunch or liars :P
  • The pic was there for a time, Zeppi- she may have taken it down by now.
  • So that is how it is here, 1st you tease people into clickig, then you hurt our feelings showing us an empty page!!! I am now a sad puppy :(
  • Zeppi said:
    I am now a sad puppy :(

    *Pet pet pet*

    It's okay Zeppi puppy. I'll get you a Scooby snack and everything will be hunky-dory again.;)
  • Oh now that you mention hunky-dory.... I really need to get that CD :P
  • It's okay Zeppi puppy. I'll get you a Scooby snack and everything will be hunky-dory again.

    You see. We always know how to treat our members here at Absolute PlayStation...;)