Some PS3 Games not loading
  • I have had my PS3 since December 2007 (60 GB ). I have started to notice that ceretain Sony games (Uncharted, Resistance, etc..) will act like they have never been played before and prompt me to set them up again. Only problem is that the games are unresponsive to the controller to accept the X or start prompt. When I play a game like Rockband, no problem at all.

    Has anyone else come accross this before. Would deleting the saved data cause this problem to happen? It doesn't appear to be a problem with the PS3 because EVERYTHING else seems to work fine.

  • I'm not sure if what you are describing here is a glitch with your PS3 or the normal updating process. Most PS3 games will check to see if there is an update patch for it- if there is, when you load up the disc it will prompt you to download and install it before playing.

    The save data is, most times, just the progress made- the updates get put into the game data folder. Deleting your game save data shouldn't affect the game's ability to play.
  • Lyndon,

    It is definitely not updating the game as it does not respond to the controller other than the PS button to quit the game. Is there a way to reinitialize the PS3 to see if this was caused by the latest firmware update?

  • You can restore the PS3 in the Settings menu but this does not revert the firmware back to the initial version- it's at the latest for good.

    One would think it would affect all games if it is a firmware issue, not just the Sony- published exclusives. For that reason I'm thinking it may be the games themselves or the save data for them. You may want to try deleting the data for these games and start fresh, both in the save data and the game data folders. If that doesn't fix anything time to call Sony tech support.
  • Lyndon,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I did both a default restore and then a full restore (format disk) and same problems with the Sony titles. I called Sony support and they said that the Firmware upgrade to the 2.10 (12/18/2007) has caused this problem on the 60 GB Playstation 3. Since my unit is out of warranty, then I will have to pay $150 for a replacement - OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

    The only other option to fix this SOFTWARE problem is wait for the next update to see if it gets fixed. I think Sony needs to address this SOFTWARE problem and not SCREW the early adopters over by forcing them to pay for a new machine.

    Sorry to vent, but this smells like a class action lawsuit coming.

  • The next firmware update should help things, whenever that may be. There never is any sort of schedule for these things other than "when its ready". I have a launch system myself (the 20 GB ) and didn't have a problem with the update when i got it.

    I'm doubting if much would happen if you tried a class action lawsuit other than spending more money than it would cost to go through with the repair. But, if you high enough up the support chain (asking for a suvervisor and such) you may be able to get someone convinced to extend the warranty enough to get you covered. I've phoned in to get a replacement hard drive tray to simplify a swap and they extended my warranty to the end of the month to avoid my having to pay for it.