• I have an older PS2. I bought it used. It's been working fine for the last 2 years. I was playing FFXII, I powered it down, went to work and came home to continue play. But when I powered it up the power light turned on but the blue light didn't turn on and it didn't load. there is no video or sound. any ideas?

    I took it to a friend he said it maybe the power supply so I replaced it and it does the same.
  • Do you hear any sound at all like it is trying to spin the disc? I'm thinking the problem is in the DVD drive itself.
  • the only thing that kicks on is the cooling fan.... It runs louder than what it normally did.
  • Yep, I would say the DVD drive is indeed toasted. It's time to shop for another system. This time I would buy a new one and have some warranty to fall back on.
  • well a friend of mine has several Ps2s with bad power supplies, the main motherboards work. i'm going to talk to him. Thanks for the help though.