Call Of Duty 4 - Clan/Team
  • One of, or shall I say my BIGGEST pet peeve of COD4: Modern Warfare is that people LOVE to shoot me in my back...while I'm duking it out with someone else, I shoot someone in the back, they shoot me in the back, they get shot in the back....

    So, seeing that the in game community is so unfriendly (ESPECIALLY those with mics) I wonder if anyone here would like to form somewhat of a team, I'm not the greatest at the game, but by far I'm not the worst....if your interested post to me..

    Also, stop holding down the Mic button, you are uncool, every kill you get is not the coolest....
  • weve already got one just add API thats the clan name or whatever most of us areon it. robcoxy,pokerdon,sfjp (myself),steelcitysurfer and many more hope to see you on there mate and will kill everyone.
  • Ive also come across a lot of angry people with mics gets a bit annoying when you find a good game and you have idiots abuseing each other,at the end of the day its a game it's supposed to be fun why give grief to some one you have never met.
    i enjoy playing against people from around the world its entertaining so lets all join together and have fun whooping some ass :p
    see you in there with team APi ;)
  • Thanks allot steelcitysurfer, the worst is when they continuously play crap music in the background that is low quality and you can hear the up's and downs of their game based on their pathetic crys....sigh....if only they had a 'bitchslap' option
  • HA HA HA :D i like the idea of the bitch slap option it could be used for when people start whistleing or answer the phone :mad:
  • Is anyone welcome to join the clan? I am not in one as of right now and I am a decent player.
  • of course dosent matter about how good you are just add API as your can or team name. See you there mate.
  • I'll also join im pretty decent as well see you there
  • im on tonite lad just add me sfjp and well fight it out.
  • No one has mentioned the worst mic offense yet! The music in the background is bad, but guys that are playing while their kids cry and yell in the background around them is the worst, I quit the game every time I hear that cr@p and just take the loss...
  • API guys:

    Looks like most of you guys are 'across the pond' in England, I am east coast U.S., I know the PS3 online games are sometimes regional and sometimes worldwide depending on the game publisher, does COD cover both our regions? If so I would like to be in a clan that plays full team games with everybody mic-ed up so we can communicate and coordinate and whip some serious arse. Is that how you guys roll?

    I live on merc deathmatch solo right now. I may not make the COD all-star team but I got lots XP and can definitely hold my own, lemme know if it sounds like a fit...
  • Americas all good playing england the only countries that england struggles connecting with is austrailia and south africa. yeh i use mices and a few other psn mates ive met through cod4 and various other games all use mics. Im hooked back on transport tycoon at the moment but ill be on if not tomight definatley tommorow just gimme a shout.
  • i keep having problens connecting to people regardless as to where they are in the world,i only get invites while in game not to sure if that makes a difference or not?? i send invites when im not in game and still no one joins :( ,i havnt played with or against anybody off of here for ages another :( face.hope to see some one soon ;)
  • sfjp and steelcity: if you guys wanna hook up for some COD send a friendo to "zygaena" on PSN...
  • will do. And yeh it can effect joining games when in game dont know the technical stuff why but i have noticed happens allot better to join each other while in starting lobby.
  • in future if i see anybody come online i will quit the game im in and then try and join from the lobby,see how that pans out.
  • ill be on tonight mate give it a bash then if you want?
  • That's weird steel, I never get invites during a game, haven't seen I single one, If someone sends me an invite during the game I get it after my game is over and the person sending an invite has (I assume) already joined a game and it errors out when I click ok on the invite. I only answer invites when I see them pop up real-time while I am in the lobby cause that's the only thing thats ever worked for me.
  • it works better in lobby in game invites have heavy delay so more than often its to late.
  • hey sfjp how's it goin , few names look familiar maybe we've had a
    lil fun online.I know for sure Ive gamed with silversurfer
    Would def like to join in for some fun invite me in mate PSN=signpros

    Also you guys getting alot of disconnection lately? about as bad as
    host ended...drives me crazy
    always seems to happen when ur doin really good ofcourse.
  • sorry I meant steelcitysurfer ^ I got the other..the movie
    on the brain:o
  • no problem ;) i will send you an invite and then see how it goes with a bit of online action,im now useing a wire to play cod4 instead of the wireless way and i seem to be able to connect to the friends ive invited.....lets hope it stays like that ;)
  • i need help i also like call of duty and i have 4 and 5 and i cant get my friends into a lobby so we can get a clan going it will not let them join i dont know what the problem is can anybody help me before i go nuts ......:mad: :mad: