• Hi its been awhile. I'm stuck after the waterfall where the girl is on one side of the bridge and I have jumped across and walked to the next area. I operated the elevator but not sure what to do here. The shawdows always seem to get the girl. Thanks for you help.
  • I'm no professional, heck, not even an amateur but i think that you need to get her to jump over too. If this doesn't work then Lyn will come along and correct me. Again, i have no idea what i'm doing. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting, have fun gaming, and have a very happy New Year. :thumbsup:
  • It took me a moment to figure out approximately where you were here,edward,but I think I have you pinpointed now.Let's give this a try:

    I'm guessing you saved at the couch you should have found after riding the gondola.From there move to a set of stairs that seem to go nowhere.You will see the pipe nearby-climb that and go to the platform on rails.Push this to the near end of the track then climb the ladder on it,then jump to the stone balcony.You will find a lever here-pull it to lower the bridge-as you've probably noticed,this triggers another shadow attack.The best spot to defend Yorda is nearby the gondola.

    Once you finish beating them off head across the bridge and follow a path through a cave.You will eventuallycome out in an area that is above the platform you moved on the rails.Climb the stairs here to reach an elevator.Push the lever in the middle to get to the top-you'll find another save couch.This will lead you to the water tower area.Good luck!
  • Got your reply on "after the waterfall". I guess the only question is if Jorda is supposed to be with me here. At this point in the game she is on the bridge where the gap is. Will she jump across?
  • [b]Yep,take Yorda with you after the shadow attack.Good luck with the rest of the game edward!
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  • We would be nothing without the wonderful members such as yourself. We thank you for buying the games and asking the questions. We enjoy being able to help out all of you with our knowledge. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting, have fun gaming, and have a very happy New Year. :thumbsup:
  • [b]The Mad Tree Fairy :laugh: is right,edward-without the members it would be for nothing.Happy Holidays to you as well!