East reflector area: stuck
  • I'm in the area that you get your sword. Opened the round window that leads to the outside and the one with the sword, and have just turned the water off. I can't seem to get any further. I see the 2 high rooms in the main area but can't get up to them. By needing to turn water off, it would seem I need to take Yorda up that area but can't seem to see what to do, ....
  • Now that the water is turned off take Yorda and head through the nearby door up top. In this room cross the bridge you lowered when slashing the ropes along the way to the water switch. In the next room you'll be on a ledge with an energy door across a wide gap from you. No worries though- Yorda's magic will make a bridge appear as you step close.

    On the other side of the door you'll find a switch- pull it to open the last candle holders. Call Yorda and head right to an elevator. You'll see some sticks on the floor- trade the sword for a stick and light up the candles to open the last iris. Trade back for your sword, save on the couch and head back out.
  • Thanks, it was the rope slashing and bridge falling I missed. I had actually tried that early on but must have been just off within position and the ropes wouldn't cut, so I went on to other things to try. That was it, thanks for your help!