lego star wars complete saga online play
  • Hey,

    Bought the lego star wars complete saga and want to play online, I have signed in to the play station network and when i search for games lots appear then just dissapear shortly after and it says no games available. if i click a game quickly it will say connecting and some time connected then 9 times out of 10 it fails. Also I believe other people can help me play but have no idea how to go about this. I have set the options to any one can join but thats all i can work out. any one got any advice? Thanks :-)
  • Lenny, the connection problems are possibly due to not having your settings quite right in the router. Gaming online with the PS3 requires specific ports to be open to let traffic through both ways.

    Have a look around the PS3 Hardware section- I've listed the ports needed in a number of the recent threads. A quick search for "port forwarding" in there will turn them up quick. ;)
  • ok done some major setting changes including getting swopped over to nat 2 instead of 3, static ip address and port forwarding, the games still appear then dissapear soon after but it connects allot further now although some times hangs and every other time just says game disconnected. Any other advice would be great!!
  • Hmm... are you connecting wirelessly or wired? If wireless the problem may be due to a lack of signal strength or some interference.

    There may still be some settings to tweak- maybe try placing the PS3 into the router's DMZ, which would put it outside of any protection given by the router firewall.
  • would this not leave it open to attack? Appreciate your help by the way!
  • There is nothing to attack with- none of the virii/ trojans/ spyware/ etc. out there are written for the PS3 (just about everyone targets windows).