Jak & Daxter The precursor legacy
  • I need help finding the fly things and how to cure the dark eco infected plants and find the plants . I am in the Rock village.
  • Here are all of the scout fly locations for rock village:

    1. Probably the easiest one in Rock Village to miss, there's one right outside
    the Blue Sage's hut, on the balcony at the side.
    2. This one is on the sand between two of the steps that lead up to the Blue
    Sage's hut. And it's easy to miss, so make sure you grab it.
    3. There's another one behind the rock behind the geologist. It's a path and
    stuff, with a Scout Fly on it.
    4. Near the path that leads to the central area, and also close to the flaming
    boulder and Blue Eco there.
    5. There's yet another Scout Fly, right near where the warrior would build the
    bridge that goes to Mountain Pass and Boggy Swamp.
    6. Close to the bridge that goes to Lost Precursor City, there's one on the
    outside of the area with the gambler and the warrior.
    7. After crossing the bridge that the warrior made for you, there's a Scout Fly
    lying in wait right outside Boggy Swamp.

    To cure the infected plants charge up on Green Eco with one of the nearby vents. Keep zooming around, recharging as needed, until you get all of them.
  • ok but where are the plants
  • They are in the second area of Precursor Basin, after Rock Village.
  • So how do i get there
  • The path to Precurser Basin is behind the geologist's equipment on the main path to Rock Village. The entire level is done using the Zoomer. The section with the infected plants is the second area of the Basin- there are black plants around the Northern edge of it. Tank up the zoomer with green eco and start sprayin'! B)
  • for the scout flyes i cant find 2
  • In sentinel Beach ( yah i went back) anyways i have to get the scout fly that is ontop of the cliff and to do so i some how got tho push the log thing up from underneath .So how do i push them ?
  • This is in the watery area with the poles sticking up?

    Use your uppercut to bring them up. Three hits on each should do it. Once that is done head to where the green eco harvesters are and jump on either one of those to get to the scout flies.
  • uh ok but whats uppercut
  • Hold L1 or R1 and hit the square button for your uppercut punch.
  • thank you
    i didnt know i could to that
  • could you thell me where are all the orbs there are a feww that i cant find
  • There's around 2000 in the game, Zack. I don't think it would be convenient to list them all here, and as we have a policy against linking to other gaming sites i can't link you to a guide.

    Why don't you try a google search for them, something should turn up.;)