• I am stuck in the 2 stage in ICO, after grossing the bridge.
    I got into a room where i found a box, pushing it, brings stairs taking me to another room.
    I killed the two spirits whihc come out.
    But how can I make Yorda climd the chain with me ? or is there any other method ?
  • One thing she definitely won't do is climb chains.

    I take it you did all you were supposed to when you went up the stairs ( Once outside, follow the wooden walkway around to another doorway. Go through to find yourself on a fenced ledge overlooking a large room. The door at the end of the path is locked from this side, so leap over the railing to the room below. Climb a couple sets of shallow stairs, working your way into the far left corner. Here, you'll find a lever. Pull it to open the door, then call for Yorda and she will join you down in the room ).

    Once that is done head back down and climb the chain. This triggers a couple more shadows so jump back down and beat them up with your stick. Climb back up and you'll find a block up on the ledge. Shove that over and call Yorda- she'll climb onto the block and take your hand to get pulled up. Then you'll be able to head through the door and move on.

    I'll move this into the Ico forum.