• i havnt heard much about ICO. what kind of game is it? what is the plot/story? info please.
  • Man, haven't heard of Ico from SCEA? Well it's an Adventure and i don'tt want to say to much here so i'll PM you the info. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming with Ico soon i hope. :thumbsup:
  • It's an adventure story that has a lot of puzzle solving.

    The back story goes somewhat like this:In this village,one child in every generation is born with horns.The villagers believe this child to be cursed and anything bad that happens (crop failures,diseases,etc.)are blames on him.Eventually,when the horns are fully grown,these children are entombed alive in an old castle.

    Ico is this child.Thanks to a stroke of luck,his tomb gets dislodged and he escapes it.He soon finds Yorda,a girl that is also held prisoner in the castle by an evil Queen.

    The idea of the game is to solve the puzzles to open paths to eventually guide yourself and Yorda out of the castle.Yorda,however,sometimes needs a little coercing to move foward.Also,you must battle shadow monsters that are attempting to capture and keep Yorda in the castle.

    I realize my description may not sound too great,but believe me,this game is a must-have if you enjoy games that make you think.
  • hit the WHATS NEW link at the very top of this page to check out the review and screenshots of the game.
  • I am about 3 hours into the game, just recieved the sword.
  • Ico is a fantastic experience. once i started I couldnt put down the controller (good thing for me its pretty short). don't ask questions just go at least give it a rental, you'll love it :cool: