Remaining Hard Drive Space Checker.
  • I was curious, is there anywhere on the PS3 you can go to to find out how much space remains on your Hard Drive?

    I've downloaded free junk like a maniac from the Playstation store (Most of it is just that - junk ;)), and I have no idea how much space is left on the internal drive. Is there a way? I'm talking something like when you go to the PS2 Memory Card, and it spells it all out for you in terms of space and such.

  • Go into the Settings menu and down to System Settings. In here look for System Information. You'll find your firmware version, MAC Address and remaining hard drive space here.
  • That easy huh? :D Thanks for the quick reply Lyndon! I'll be sure to check it tommorow.

    Have you heard if there is going to be an Army of Two demo Thursday by chance? I seem to remember hearing that they were going to put out a demo, so Thursday would be the obvious choice if they were going to do it...

    I was excited about the game when I first saw it in EGM long ago, but my interest waned after they delayed it and all.

    EDIT: Just checked, I have 27 GB Free out of 55 GB. Not bad, but I should probably delete some of these old trailers and such. It's good that I can redownload games at any time, so if I ever run out of space, there isn't much to worry about.
  • No, haven't heard anything about an Ao2 demo for this week (usually the reports of what's coming don't show until the day of updating) but considering the game is available now it wouldn't surprise me. I do know a new PSN game, Rocketmen: Axis of Evil, comes this week and Japan is getting a demo of Echochrome (which i plan on checking out).