• I'm stuck in the part after riding elevator and then throwing switch and climbing to next area above. I see two chains across a exspanse where I'm standing on a wooden platform but can't get across it. Thank for any help.
  • [b]You got stuck right where my advice left off,edward?No problem-here's what to do:

    Get up onto the nearby wall and go up one ledge.Edge your way to the left across the gap and then drop down.Head to the other side of the courtyard and climb up the crane.Carefully head to the chain and climb down it to the bottom but don't jump off of it.Swing into the open window and beat off the shadows that appear.Once that's done you can climb onto one of the window ledges and shove a crate out-you'll no doubt recognize where you are as you've been there before.Haul the crate to the far left corner of the courtyard and climb up it to the walkway.Follow it around and climb up the chain you come to.

    I'll leave it up to you from there,edward-if you're having problems at that point,just put a reply on here.
  • Thanks Lyndon,
    Your advice was super. I'm at the area where the sword is and working out how to get to it. Think I will try for a while before asking for help.