• I'm stuck at the waterfall stage. Jorda is with me in the room where there is a strong water current running by and a box that I have moved so I can jump across the stream. Thanks for the great help I have had in the past.
  • Ok,I believe I've located where you're to,edward.Looks like you've made good progress since last time! :thumbsup:

    On the side of the stream you jumped to you should find a ladder leading to the water valve.Push the valve for 2 revolutions to shut off the water.Now jump back across and push the block into the riverbed.Jump in and call yorda.Now push the block off the edge of the channel and take Yorda to the next room.Push the crate off this ledge and take her down the stairs,over the rail and across the bridge.You should find a save couch nearby at that point.