Theme Hospital Help
  • Hi I have recently bought a download of Theme Hospital onto my ps3. To start with everything was working fine but now when building rooms I have lost the option of adding items such as bins, or extra beds, toliets or book cases etc. Any ideas why this has happened? I have tried restarting the levels incase it was due to lack of funds but that does not seam to remedy the problem.
  • The only thing I can think of is you may have used up your allotment of cash/ time to build. To be honest i haven't played the game (not my sort of thing) and most information out there is for the PC version of the game.

    One of our regular members, [email][/email], plays this game so he may have an idea what is going on. I'm sure he will find this and jump in next time he is on. If he doesn't I'll give him a friendly nudge to jump in. ;)
  • when bulinding somewthing then press the R2 button wich allows the cursors full rnage of movement click on the yellow thing with the handle that will then bring up fire extinguishers,beds,radioators and all that instead of adding plants and so forth weichslows down the process of helping patients just use many windows wich is done by pressing X when still in blueprint building phase. Got any more question juast gimme a shout its a fantastic game good to see other playing it to.
  • actual;ly Lyndon have you found out about that earthquake issue yet im still struggling ?
  • Afraid not- there seems to be nothing out there on earthquakes. Sorry. :(
  • no worries mate thnaks for tryin though.