• What do you do after you blow up the tower and move the chain??
  • I take it it's either the second or the third chain that is causing problems?

    Climb the second chain of the area (after blasting the water tower and crossing the newly formed walkway) to the high criss-crossing walkways-you'll find a crate up there.Shove it off the ledge it's closest to and drop down.Now shove the crate to the ledge on the right of the energy door.Climb on it to reach the switch that will move another chain in place.Head back up the ledges and jump to the new chain.Now swing on it and jump to the platform with the turnstile-type lever.Push on this a bit to bring a large metal crate around.Use the chain again to swing back and go help Yorda across.You'll be attacked by shadows near the end as you are crossing.