• I need help on the drawbridge. I have been all over but still can't figure out how to drop the durn thing. Help would be much appreciated. ???
  • Go around to where the water tower is and climb up the plaforms beside it.Walk across and you'll come to a chain at the end-swing on this to knock down the drawbridge.
  • I think I gave you some unclear info. I just got done with the crane and am now at the bridges just past that, the two that one is totally up and the other has the opposite side from me down. That is the bridge I was talking about, the only reason I say all this is because I don't see a water tower anywhere.
  • Ok-I hate to say it but I am still somewhat lost as to how far along in the game you actually are.Was this crane that you're past just after riding on a trolley or is it further past that?Any further details you can give would be a help.
  • It's the one just past the trolley and past the room where ya knock dow the chandalier and the walkway. I hope that helps.
  • Figured it out I missed the barricade that had to be blown up.
    Thanks for all the help.