Where is the best place to get orbs?
  • Where is the best place to get red orbs.
  • Im playing thru my first time and it seems to me the best place to collect red orbs is from when uve defesated monsters
  • i really should reword that, what mission should i keep on doing so i am able to get lots of red orbs.
  • My suggestion is to go to Mission 4 (but first get air raid and 5 DT Gauge symbols). Then run from Phantom and activate DT and use Air Raid. Light him up with air raid and when he dies you get 500 orbs. Save,exit,reload, and do it again for another easy 500 orbs. Hope this helps!
  • thanx for that, i just made it through normal without any trouble, and it was the first time that i have never had any trouble with Nightmare 3