big problems online!
  • HI i have a slim ps2 model. When i play fifa 08 online i have big lag.
    like when i get the ball i push pass but he wont pass it before 2-3 secons later. and then i ofc lost it.
    i cant play at all really, trying to defend when your controls lag like that is just fucked up.
    I have 10mb fiber connection and it still lags like hell.
    Its fine when i play vs computer ofc.

    is there anything that i can do to fix this annoying lag?

    Fifa 08 is just unplayable so thats money downt he drain i guess.
  • I don't know if it is anything you can do- rather , it's something doing on EA's side of things or maybe whoever you were playing against. The online for this game has been getting a bit of a dumping on across the platforms, seems to be more an EA thing.