• i had it figured out before, i messed with something on my computer. now my ps3 dont wor it comes up with a 80710102 code, and im sure that my firewall is off and that im sharing my internet connection with my ps3 im tired of this and need help what the f@ck sould i do or try. It took me 13 hours to set it up the first time, when i run a test it gets the ip address and then gets stuck on internet connection, what next. I belive that i have to turn off network discorvery, and file sharing and its off until i hook up multiple networks then it comes back one how do i turn these off, i have no firewall running. I dont know please help????????????????
  • That error usually comes up when the problem is with the DNS Server numbers either being wrong or can't be found by the PS3. Contact your ISP's tech support and ask them for the DNS server addresses and then add these into your PS3's connection.
  • Alright well got my dns numbers that I got from ipconfig in the c promt. However it still comes back with the same code dns, I have my firewalls shut down I dont know what there is left to do.
  • I dont even know if I am sharing right either, cause I have the lan cable hooked up and in the network connections it say multiple network and then connected to the internet, then it says the lan has limited connection, and goto diagnose, it spits back a limited or no connectitvey. I try to repair and nothing so lost here!!!!:huh: :mad: :confused:
  • Did you check to see if you maybe accidentally turned off the internet connection sharing?

    There are that many variables in place here it is hard to say what the problem could be, from the sharing turned off to the ethernet port being disabled on the computer to your internet connection on the computer itself.
  • well i will try anything one step at a time, how would i know if i turn off internet connection sharing, or checking on the port
  • You can check on the ethernet port in the System portion of the Control panel- when in here click on Device Manager. As for the internet connection sharing, go through the same process you did before to turn it on.
  • where does the problem lie what should i try first, the limited connection or fact that the test comes with the code dns
  • I would try to clear up the limited/ no connection first. Once you can get traffic going through you should be able to take care of the DNS problem by contacting your ISP and making sure of the numbers you used.
  • ok so i ipconfig in the c promt and it came back saying that the ethernet cable had connection and was running internet, so i tried to set up manauly and still came back with the dns error 80710102, now when i us the ipconfig it give me the ip address for both my primary server and the ethernet ip address and the subnet, now i look into my dns ran by my provider and put those in and still no love, i was told to try and nada any advice.....................
  • Did the primary server number given by ipconfig match what your ISP said? If so, great,we know that matches. As for the ethernet IP address, which blank did you put that in (if any)?

    To be honest, at this point I would be shopping around for an inexpensive wireless router to share the connection with.
  • i have a wireless router but the problem i belive is i have a sprint usb air card so im not sure if i have a mulitaple connection with the air card to the wireless router they would both be pulling the same internet, no??
  • In that case we are going about things all wrong here- the PS3 will need to connect to the router, not your computer (you never said you had this before :p ). We don't need the internet connection sharing at all.

    Use the DNS numbers that come up in your router's status page in the PS3 settings and set up a custom IP address for the PS3 in the router's DHCP table. Also put the router's IP address into the default router spot on the PS3. When you do a scan for a wireless connection on the PS3 you sould maybe turn off the computer so it won't be seen by the PS3 and you'll know for sure which to pick.
  • how am i suppose to get internet from my sprint air card that hooks up to the usb, to getting internet connection to my router so it gives off a wireless internet..????
  • Isn't your card picking up its wireless from the router? :huh:
  • no my sprint air card is just that, it is a usb internet. What you do is hook up this little card to your usb port and then it draws on the internet threw a satelight or some crap. Thats why im trying to do a internet share because its not like a regaular motem were it has the lan cables.
  • Maybe I should rephrase the question, then- is the wireless router currently being used to share any sort of internet access? If it is, your PS3 could connect to it instead of the computer.
  • No I have a wireless router but it is not hook up, the source of my internet if from a sprint aircard that hook up to the computer threw the usb port and provides internet that way. So at first I made the internet in the network connections share the internet with the lan cable there by sending internet to the playstation now the problem is I cannot to a easy setup because it will not get the ip address, if i do a custom and then put in manualy the ip address and the secondary and the dns numbers then test connection it finds the ip but then say the error dns code. This is where i am stuck at, I had it connected like that before and it work however now i seem to be at a loss for making it work again
  • We may be able to make some use of that router- have you tried sharing the internet signal to it then have the PS3 connect to the router? If the router can help you share the net signal you should then be able to have the router take care of the IP address and DNS servers.
  • I'm having the same exact issue, except I don't have a router at all. I have the sprint aircard on my laptop and am trying to connect with the ethernet cable to the ps3. I've entered all the isp numbers and so forth but keep getting the same dns error as teacup.
  • Are you using the same IP address as your computer in the PS3's settings, ziggy? If so that may be a problem as that has already been assigned to your computer by your ISP.

    Just found something that may be part of the problem as well- you may need to check to see if your connection via the sprint card is half-duplex or dual-duplex. If it is half you may not be able to get online that way as that does not allow two way communication.
  • when I do 'ipconfig/all' at the command prompt and look at Sierra Wireless (that's the sprint connection) it shows a different IP address as preferred than when I click on the sprint window and show the connection info. Do I need to use the IP that the command prompt is showing as prefered?

    Also, when entering in the numbers into the PS3 I'm not sure what to put for the 'default router' number as the Sprint window shows it as and so does the command prompt but the PS3 won't accept that, it makes you add numbers in so I don't know if that is affecting it.

    How do I find out if it is half or dual duplex?
  • You can find out about the duplex matter from your ISP's tech support. To be honest, i expect it will be full duplex and a non-factor- came across that tidbit in a search about this.

    Seeing as the computer is acting as the PS3's router use the IP address Sprint has given for it (use the one shown in your connection info from the sprint window).

    As for the PS3's IP address, you may be able to set this up in the connection sharing, telling it to give this IP address every time (similar to DHCP on regular routers).

    Speaking of routers, an alternative to dealing with this connection sharing may be this- it's a router for sharing wireless signal from cards such as the ones you two are using for online access. Not sure of their price but I can't see it being overly expensive.
  • Hi. I had to register just for this...I am so confused, sp plz, bear with me.

    I have a Sprint 595U aircard and NO router. (and no $ to get one either.) I have an ethernet cable hooked between my computer and my PS3. I entered in all the ip info as best as I could find it, and I keep getting the same DNS error as everyone else. I don't know if it will help bit here's a screenshot of what my connections options are:image

    i think I screwed up something there, but I'm not sure. At this point, I'm so confused I don't know where to start.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • i have a question? i live on hill and at the bottom of my hill not even a quarter mile down the hill is my parents work shop and they have clearwire internet but for some reason we can not get any high speed so i can have playstation network wat should i do?????????????
  • Steezy, I answered your question via PM as you had sent it to be that way as well.

    Lippy, not really sure what to suggest but I will say that mobile broadband may not be the best way to get internet to the PS3 (it's really made for using cable or DSL). If it is a DNS error then you may not have the DNS Server addresses correct- these should be matching up with what your provider uses. Have you tried going automatic with it on the PS3?