• I have found 16 out of the 17 Witches and Wizards cards.
    These are the ones I have;
    1 - Merlin
    2 - Cornelius Agrippa
    8 - Derwent Shimpling
    17 - Morgan Lefay
    19 - Newt Scamander
    35 - Bowman Wright
    37 - Cassandra Vablatsky
    41 - Godric Gryffindor
    47 - Edgar Stroulger
    48 - Salazar Slytherin
    62 - Ignatia Wildsmith
    69 - Bertie Bott
    72 - Helga Hufflepuff
    83 - Roderick Plumpton
    96 - Hengist of Woodcroft
    101 - Albus Dumbledore
    Does anyone know which one I am missing and where it is?
  • Where have you found them??? I only found 14. This is where I found them:

    *4 in the garden near Hagrid's hut, hidden behind walls. You have to play some stupid pink bean game to get three of them.
    *one behind one of the portraits, with the password of fred and george
    *one in griffoendor tower, behind the book closet
    *three in the dungeon, also behind book closets
    *one in the uppercastle, behind a book closet, right before you have to race against the ghost
    *One in the wood, I think it's from Rowena Ravenclaw, I think that's the one you're missing. When you come on a big open space in the wood, you have to go to one of the corners, there's a path. Then you have to defeat a turtle, and then you come at an open space, the card is flying in the air
    *one somewhere in the castle, can't remember where, you have to jump after a kitten and collect beans
    *one you get when you rescue the kitten
    *another one somewhere in the castle that is flying in an open space with yellow beans around it

    That's it. Please tell me where I can find the other three cards!!!
  • You were right, the card i was missing was in the wood. I never looked up! thank you for that!

    I think the 3 cards you need all come from the Bank.
    They are really hard to get.
    When you are in the bank vaults in the mine cart you have to collect every gem to get given a card. Just beacuse you collect enough coins doesn't mean you have finished the vault.
    So if the guy from the bank says you collected enough coins and askes "do you want to have another go?" then you better answer "yes" and keep trying until you collect all of the coins and gems.

    Whenever you come up to a sequence of coins a symbol will show in the top-left of the screen. If the symbol flashes a GEM then the sequence of coins you are about to collect will unlock a sequence of GEMS. So you have to collect that whole sequence of coins to get a chance at the sequence of gems. So there are multiple sequences of coins and gems in each mine. Not every set of coins brings out the gems and the coin symbol will stay on the screen instead of the GEM symbol. If you miss a sequence of coins that will unlock GEMS you will see the GEM symbol fade out indicating that you have missed your chance. So just treat the rest of the level as practice. So aim to collect every coin and all of the gems and you will get given a card at the end of the level. So once you have the card from the first vault you can go to the next vault, get the card from there and then go to the last vault and get the card from there.
    It took me a couple of days to get them all. It takes