• How do you get past the dragon that spits out the very large and painful fireballs????

  • It ain't no thang. I pm'ed you all you need to know...but if you want more I'll be arround. Good gaming. Enjoy the best game for PS2 yet!
  • For all who are looking for help with the dragon. Think.....Baseball. That's all I have to say. :2devilish:
  • It tells you on the wall on the left in the hall as you enter the dragon room. Pretty basic, have fun.
  • ok basically, swing your sword like a baseball bat, lol, it will take anywhere from 1 hit to kill hime to i have found 3 hits to kill him so have fun, and i agree, it is one of the best ps2 games to date.

  • ??? I'm stuck in Level 22 with the demon, after I fall, haven't figured out how to move around and kill it. Hum? :laugh:
  • ok well if my memory stands correct than mission 22 is where you face that demon dude for the first and second time, second being where you fight in the bowls of hell. well the strategy for doingthisis kind simple..... fist you are automatically equiped with the Sparts sword, if your not equip it immediatly, forthat is the only weapon that does considerable damage(actually the only onethat really does any damage) well up to this point it has been best notto use your spardasword do to thefact that it has no devil trigger, until now!
  • Yeah I beat Devil May Cry :wave:
  • actually i found it most beneficial to use the lightning sword and the shotgun... again with the shotgun thing .... any way blast away till u get ur devil trigger gauge full then go into devil trigger mode. use the attack where u fly around and shoot lightning at the guy, it is simply the best move i have ever seen because u don thave to aim and it is extremely powerful it will take a bit but u will eventually stomp im