Help requested - mission 16
  • Im stuck in Mission 16, Nightmare of Darkness - Unravel the mystery of the "Staff of Hermes" ...

    Anyone give me some advice on how to get out of the room with the empty throne, 4 rainbow colored circles on the floor, 4 symbols on the walls and pond in front of the door - its
    killing me !
  • I had a tough time with that also. Did you start on the boss? If you didnt goto the pond and hit X. Dante will say something and then Nightmare will appear. The 4 symbols on the wall are for you. You hit them so Nightmare can form into a killable creature. He will form and open up his back and youll see a Blue Sphere. Hit this and his life will dwindle. He will trnasform back into goo so keep hitting the emblems on the wall. If you did kill him examine the pond again and your mission will end. If you need help with anyother mission let me know. :thumbsup: