• Devil May Cry has to be one of the sickest games to be invented. If you've played any of the Resident Evil's, you know exactly what im talking about. This game isn't to be takin easily. Its difficulty ranges in several forms. Hell, I'm only on Mission 15 of 23, and im struggling because bosses reappear and get stronger. I have yet to face Nightmare, which i fear will be very hard. Overall, this game is THOROUGH :2devilish:
  • And if you need a THOROUGH explanation in one level I or someone else will be happy to help you out.
  • As of right now..im on mission 15 struggling w/ the griffon..again!!!
  • Gene can you give me a thorough explaination on mission 16.
  • I got the game on Friday and passed mission 15 lastnight, so far I havent found the game to difficult. Just remember what weapons to use with what powers. With the gloves (cant remember what you call them) you must use your hand guns. In devil mode they shoot cool fire balls as bullets. Griffon doesn't stand a chance against them.

    I have found the secret missions pretty tough tho' and have only managed to pass the baby spider ones.

    Man is this a cool game or what !