• In Mission 4 after I defeat Phantom when he rushes me in the passage I go to the room with the Pride of the Lion, slash it a few times which releases reaper like creatures. I kill all of these to break the seal on the door. Then what ? I go to te room at the top of the stairs but I seem to have missed something ?

    Can anyone help ?
  • I have PMed u some info on this... :cool:
  • When u go into the door after defeating the shadow...jump down...hit the round thing on the wal..and get on the illuminated thing..it will bring u to the top..get the sword...while on the panel thing...jump to ur right or left to end up near the door..kill the figures, adn enter the room...as u enter the door got u Dante's right...and enter the sword into the thing..if u need more help from there..e-mail me