credit card problems
  • Hi,I recently purchased a ps3 and needless to say, I am absolutely blown away.
    However I have been unable to purchase anything on the online store.The system will not accept my credit card and keeps telling me the information is invalid and to check my entries.I have used two different cards without any success.I redid the entries a zillion times.I can't see what it is I am doing wrong.
    I live in Toronto Canada.Appreciate any help.Thx
  • You probably have a discrepancy between what is on record with the card issuer and what you are using as your address when entering in the card. Even if one letter isn't capped or a period is where it shouldn't be, it will reject it. make sure your address reads exactly like your credit card statement and you should be good to go.
  • Thank you for the prompt reply.Will attempt again later.