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    Is there a HDD size limit when using the ps2 network adapter?

  • You do not need a hard drive in there at all to use the adapter- they just happened to design it to link to one if you happened to have the Final Fantasy XI bundle, which includes a hard drive. The adapter will work perfectly fine without.
  • Hi Lyndon,
    Thanks for your time, I was more interested in the max size limit of the hard drive to be installed in the unit. As you're no doubt aware, earlier computer equipment had a size limit on the hard drives based on the bios I think, is there a max limit to the size of the hard drive to be installed (If choosing to instal one)?

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  • Not really, no- the drive that is with the Final fantasy XI pack is a standard 3.5" hard drive, just like one would find with any computer.

    To be honest, you would not need a hard drive unless you plan on playing Final Fantasy XI- the support for it was very minimal as Sony needed the games to sell the drives yet developers would not make the games until Sony could sell the drives (quite the catch-22).
  • Thanks again Lyndon,
    The reason I was after the info is that some of the ebay items come with a hard drive, and one said that it had 40 games installed on, and playable from the hard drive using a program (on disk presumably) called HD Loader.
    After a little more searching, I found another program, HD Advance.
    See here for more:
    HD Loader - Play PS2 Games From Your Playstation 2 Hard Drive
    Have you seen these before and if so, are they any good?

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    Edit: have just found this:
    YouTube - Play ps2 games off HDD
    showing HD Loader in use.
  • Yes, i have heard of these. Sony had a lawsuit against the makers of HDLoader due to their ease of use for pirating games several years back. After all, it would be no problem to rent/ borrow a game and install it onto the hard drive- there's one less sale of the game and with enough people doing it could add up to a lot of money lost (the gaming industry loses hundreds of millions each year due to piracy as it is now).

    My opinion of them? Not really necessary- the load times are not that hard to sit through (most times) and other than shortening that on some games serves no real purpose.
  • Fair enough,
    Thanks again for your time and thoughts, will get the adapter and leave it at that.