How did you kick there asses ?
  • I've discovered a few good ways of killing enemies -
  • There are any ways to kill opponents affectively.

    To kill Mundus on his first level I use devil trigger only.On his second level use the sparda in devil trigger mode.Just jump on those rocks around him and start swinging.On his third level you should use vortex it is way more affective than air raid.

    To kill marionetts use
  • Cheers Artaria, for sharing that with us - i've only played it on Normal. I never made much use of Ifrit and Sparda, but will give it a go. Your tips will be defintely come in handy on the harder levels.
  • Sorry it took me so long to appy agian you know how it is life kicks in at the worse times.I will go ahead and tell you know it only gets harder.But the coolest part is when you beat it in Dante must die mode you can be super dante.(infinent Devil! :D )so beat that game Tanner.Then you chalenge after that will be to get s rankings on all missions.Then at the end you will get a suprise.

  • Well I mostly Juggle the enemies first and shot them with my ebon n ivory gun.

    Back + square, R1 + x x x x x

    I never stop firing at them until they're gone.
  • I just roll around and slash Alastor or Sparda and shoot the undead morons with Ebony & Ivory 'til their dead. Enough said.