Mission tips.....
  • The final mission for Yakusa (I assume cause Donald love wants me to whack Kenji!)

    I always struggle to get 8 of em before they get off the streets, do I need to simply try harder or are there any tips you can offer me....tips not cheats, don't like 'em, don't use em.

    If anyone has done this without a cheat, a couple of pointers would be appreciated....cheers.
  • Is this one with the Flame Thrower or the Grenades?
  • Flamethrower...grenades??

    this is not a rampage but a mission from Kenji.... I cannot find more than one at a time, they are scattered all over the city selling spank, you have to clip em befor ethey sell up and get off the streets, they dissapera one at a time while you are battling with traffic..

    I have just been drive by'ing them ..... I get 6 or 7 every time but never 8!

    swift on their toes, those Damn Jamaicans!
  • Sorry Shady, I cant remember it.
  • I remember it shady and I have some tips. Drive up to kenji's in a fast car, then high tail it out as soon as you get the mission. Target the closest yardies and burn it to them. You need to be quick, not fast, to win. Try drive by shootings, it is easier
  • yeah drive by methods works wonders
  • i just run them over. if they dont die after that then i run them over again when they are getting up but that rarly happens. :thumbsup:
  • Yup, the drive by shooting w/ an UZI is how I completed this mission.