hanging on a vine in uncharted
  • Hi,
    Please help.:redface: Just started: chapter 5 the fortress in uncharted
    after jumping out the window I get around the corner and here I hang on the vine I don't seem to get high enough to jump to the next ridge :frown: what do I do wrong?
    Thanks Lia
  • With the vines you have to do a bit of a wall run to get yourself to the next ledge. It should be telling you the controls for this when you get to the first one.
  • HI,
    Yes I got that but I don't seem to get enough speed or run high enough.
    The handhold is just too far.:confused: Is there a way to speed up.I tried differend hights on the vine. I keep running, jumping and falling.
    Thanks Lia;)
  • It is somewhat of a fine-tuned spot to be on to get it just right. If you go further down the vine you should be able to get more swing and make a bit less distance to have to get across.
  • Thanks I will keep on trying:D
  • Hoi Lyndon,
    Made it :D :D :cool:
  • been following your thread well done mate got there in the end, is it worth a purchase ?
  • HI SFJP,
    Well my husband and I just love the game.:D :clap:
    It is worth it :punk:
    Greetings Lia
  • Yeah its worth it Sfjp. Amazing game!:D
  • I Tried Diffrent Postions On The Vine And I Still Can't Reach The Ledge.
  • I Made It And Played Another Three Hours.