• First of all, Hi and how is everyone. I'm new to the forum.

    I just bought a refurbished PS2 from Gamestop. It's my second one actually. The first one had really bad noises coming from it.

    However, this problem I'm having with the new system is a weird one.

    I'll just describe to you what happens.

    Right now, as I type, I have the game Kingdom Hearts 1 loaded and I'm playing it. If I were to press the power button and then eject the game (don't want to eject it mid-game), it does something weird. It loads, but does not load on the screen and no sound comes from the speakers. But... seconds before I was just playing the game... how could this be so. It doesn't feel hot or anything. I just bought brand new cables because I thought that was it. Aside from slightly better graphics, the new cords did nothing to help......... so......

    Any ideas? Gamestop said they would specially order a new refurbish PS2 and have it checked out (I have connections) I just don't want a slim.
  • Welcome to the forums, jm.

    Definitely one of the more unusual problems. I was thinking at first it may be the laser at fault but if that was the case the PS2's main screen still should have come up or the dreaded "disc read error" message.

    Is it doing this sort of thing with every game or just the Kingdom Hearts disc (or have you tried any other games with it)?
  • No it does it with every game. I will be able to play a game for any given amount of time and when I go to turn it off to maybe watch a movie or play another game it the blue default auxillary screen goes all screwy but nothing shows up.
  • Hmm... something is definitely amiss inside the system then, maybe a chip overheating enough to kick out or something to that effect. Best let your "connections" look into things for you.

    Any particular reason you don't want the slim? Other than the hard drive bat things are exactly the same in a lot more compact case.
  • The hard-drive bat? You mean where you you put in your own hard-drive?

    I duno. I've had some bad experiences with slims. They tend to overheat, I was told they have fans in them... but the one I played would get so hot it would stop playing all together. AND IT WAS NEW...
  • Bleh. Now my PS2 is dead..... hopefully they get some in at the end of this week.... I should get a brand new one for all I've been through ;)