• Having a poor go of this mission.... Can any of you guys and gals help me get the bomb on the columbian cartels boat?
    Having tried many many times now I am not sure if there is a special order I am supposed to be capping these dudes guarding the boat....
  • what i did was before firing the first shot take a head count of all the guys you see on top of the boat.i counted twelve. shoot the two guys at thebase of the boarding ramp first. then move up to the ship and shoot all the poeple you see going from left to right. tip:if a guy is standing next to some red barrels shoot the barrels they are explosive and kill couple of people easy
  • Thanks for the tip Kirkius_maximus
    I give it a shot in a few minutes.... and I'll let you know how it came out.. :2devilish:
  • ok ill wait to see if it worked :2silly:
  • ok here whats to do get the bazooka and use it get on the stair way across from the boat get there fast cause 8 ball is going to get killed kill the people at the ramp then go from left to right after you have killed most of the people scope around if you see any more cartels blow there heads off!! hey this worked for me after the tenth time.,
  • Hey Kirkius
    I gave it a try like you said and was able to pick off about eight guys but I need to get a little faster with rifle I think.. ha ha ha! Sooner or later I'll get this one....


    What up A.J.
    I will try the bazooka next :thumbsup:
  • Given that this mission is in portland, you shouldn't have got your hands on a bazooka yet unless your using cheats - in which case what's the point?

    Here's a very easy way to complete this mission without cheating:

    First the sniping spot - when you drop 8ball off, head right and you'll come to some steps, go up them, get on the roof and move left to the edge (so you're as close to the ship as possible on top of the roof). From here you can see everything clearly - including the deck of the boat.

    here's the tip - before going up the stairs - carry on past them and run to the front of the docks where there are a load of small cabins. In between 2 of the cabins is an adrenalin pill. Take this (do not get into a vehicle to drive to the steps otherwise its effects will be cancelled). Run back to the steps - get in your snipers position and proceed to take all the dudes out with no problem. Just start with the two at the bottom of the ramp, move your sights up on to the deck and work your way across from left to right. I've done it this way and by the time 8 ball even reaches the steps to the ship - you've already taken out all the bad guys. 8ball doesn't start moving until you cap the first guy, so you have all the time in the world to go and grab the pill and get comfortable in your snipers position. The adrenalin pill means everything is in slow motion, so you can even take the time to line up only head shots if you're in the mood.

    You were given the snipers rifle - that should have been a hint that you can complete the mission at a distance. There's no need to start lobbing grenades and storming the ship with this one.

    Its just a stroll in the park if you do it this way - no problem.
  • Thanks a lot Gideon!!!
    Man I didn't even think about the pill to help me out!
    And it sounds so easy to do without any cheats!
    I'll try it tonight.... :thumbsup:
  • good thinking gideon i never considered checking out the pill i restarted the game and tried it out and i worked :2silly:
  • Thanks again Gideon!
    The pill made all the differents!!!! I had plenty of time to wipe them all out... I though it was real cool to see the ship sink... :thumbsup:
  • me too when i fist saw that big thing sink like the titanic!!! :laugh3:
  • yeah i wsurprsed he that sucker went down. just thought i was gona tear it up a bit :2silly:
  • [b]Here is what I did, across from portland harbor there is a touring bus station type thing.
  • i parked a van infront of eight ball so it takes longer for him to get to the boat then i use the missel launcher to spray the deck and kill them all!~!~!~! :2silly:
  • If you are having trobule with shoting al the pepole on the boat just get to the stairs and go to the top on the roof from ther jou can shoot all of them easyli :2devilish:
  • shjsrhxgfhdf :2devilish:
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  • the thing i did is get the van and parked it in front of 8 ball so he will have a hard time getting to the boat sniped the 2 cartels and went on aboard and killed the other cartels with my uzi. but i prefer th Ak