PS3 not reading games
  • Hi everyone
    my PS3 is not reading games or any cds so i opened it up and found out that the drive was not rolling the disc when the disc goes in it just stays there doesnt roll for the lens to read it
    does anyone know why that is or how to fix it
    i havnt played the PS3 for almost 3 months or more i think thats why but how can i fix it
  • how do mate i would put it back together very carefully and get sony to repair it under warranty, fiddling around with it can void this if they can see evidence of DIY repairs.
  • May be too late to cover up any signs of going in yourself- that's why they have those "void if removed" stickers on there. Of course, if the system was over a year old the warranty was done anyway.

    The only way to fix it is get Sony to do it. Chances are you will now have to pay out for it ($150 is the charge i believe) but better than paying another $400-500 for a second new system.
  • it is over a year i cant take it to sony because it will be cheaper for me to buy a new 1 than take it to sony
    so i cant repair it until i take it to sony thats not good i know it the motor in it thats bad its not rolling the disc and i need to either replace it or fix it
  • i would replace it myslef but if you google it you might find repair instructions
  • Ay, Sony will take care of things for the price of $150- that is a lot cheaper than buying a new system.
  • well im in london things here are much more expensive i will probably end up paying £100-£150
  • though new one will be 310.00 or it is up north anyway.
    ill have alook on tinternet though see if i can find repair websites that tell you how.
  • there for sale and one torrent dowload but work wont let me on it just type ps3 repair guide in to
  • hi, i am currently on my third replacement, i did phone sony and they seemed really surprised(what a shocker) looking on different forums its fair to say we are not alone.
    Its not worth putting things like music etc on it, never know how long this one will last. if your going to buy one get it at GAME, you can go back and exchange it every time, rather than send it off to manufacturer.
  • Hey gang, I've unfortunately got a new twist on this one:

    Played COD4 for a couple hours last night on my approx. 6 month old 80gb no probs, booted it up tonight, stuck in COD4, nothing, tried GH3, nothing as well. THe system sucks the disks in but doesn't sound like it's trying too much to read the disk. After finding this and similar threads (and rebooting, trying game disks again and again, etc) I decide my drive is dead and it's sony tech support time...

    BUT before I shut it down for the last time I saw Monty Python and the HG DVD sitting next to the machine, and stuck it in just for s--ts and giggles...DVD boots right up and the first few mins of the movie play just fine...huh?

    Testing after that shows with game disks shows games are once again booting and seem to be playing normally. Huh huh?

    What do you guys think? A "hiccup" or a drive motor that is about to die at any moment?

    The unit was purchased in early december, so if the warranty is 12 months for free replacement of faulty US units (please confirm that if anyone knows), I guess I will just keep an eye on it? Not sure if I should do that or go ahead and start the replacement process (pretending it never started working again, of course) while it is still under warranty...

    Thanks for any input...
  • It is indeed 12 months from point of purchase for the warranty, as long as you can show proof of purchase (have your receipt stashed somewhere?)

    I would say contact Sony about this now- it's possible your Blu-Ray diode is having problems.