Hosting problems on CoD4
  • I am having trouble hooking up me and my room mates playstations online.. I tried turning upnp on with my router but it will only let 1 of us on call of duty4 at a time... i opened some ports so i can have nat type 2 on my ps3 but dont know how to get his ps3 on nat type 2 and work well... i am pretty noob at this stuff so ya lol
  • some ones managed to do this off the forum ask lyndon hell remember who
  • Moved this to the hardware section as it involves more with the internet connection settings rather than the game itself.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to get 2 PS3s online at a time on the same game in a household. The reason being opened ports can only be used by one machine at a time. Afraid your friend will have to stick to playing his machine online at home.
  • that guy got it to work on here though im sure, got 2 ps3's running in the same house.