media sharing pc to ps3
  • Hi
    I'm new to the joys of wireless connection and the ability to share your media. While I have been able to set up the wireless connection from my ps3 and tests show it is working. I have been unable to share the media files that are on my laptop with it. I am running a asus laptop F3jp with 2g of ram windows xp pro and this is connected to a cable modem that then wired to a netgear wgr614 wireless router. I have window media player 11 downloaded but when I go to the option to share my media I click ok, and rather than getting the option to share with systems it just thinks about it for awhile and then goes back to the "ok, cancel" option. I am abit lost as to what I need to do to fix this problem, any and all help would be great.
  • Before going into media player to activate the sharing go onto your PS3 and turn on the Media Server Connection- you'll find this in Network Settings.

    Once that is done you can turn on the media sharing in media player. Below this you should now see an icon for the PS3 in the device window. Click the PS3 icon once (may not say PS3 but it should be the only other device there) and hit the Allow button. Hit OK and that should do it- when you try a media search on the PS3 it should see the folders you have your MP3s, videos, etc. on.
  • The posts in this thread are so old now but I hope someone is still monitoring it.

    I can't get my PS3 to play tracks using media sharing. My PC and PS3 are on the same network and the PS3 sees the PC because it let's me navigate to the playlists in Media Center 12 on my PC. The PS3 finds and displays the names of th playlists but when I click on the playlist in the XMB it says there are no tracks. Media sharing is enabled in the PC Media Center and the PS3.

    Any ideas?
  • I was doing a bit of checking over at Sony's support pages and I see they say that if your computer is using Vista this will only work under a private network.

    Having not used this myself (had no need for it) I suggest checking out Sony's support page for the media sharing, found here.