Stuck on esspresso-2-go
  • Please can anyone help me on this mission?
    ive tried doing it in order of islands but im to slow.
    Has anyone got any tips?

  • This one had me stumped for a while as well. I'm afraid the only way you can get the better of this mission is to spend some time doing recon. When you have activated the mission at the construction site, the timer doesn't start until you knock off the first stall. What you need to do is go for a drive around all 3 islands and suss out exactly where the stalls are. Each stall will show up as a green dot when you get near it. Then work out some viable routes for taking them all out.

    If i remember correctly i started off in Shoreside (there's 2 here and one is by the airport, so do that last and then take the tunnel to Portland). There's 2 in Portland - 1 in Saint Marks at the top of the hill (watch out for the shotgun blasts!) and another one near the garage you went to to get some of the missions). Head back to Staunton via the Callahan bridge and then pick up the last 5. If you're having problems at this point with the police - stop off at the paint and spray to take care of things. After doing the groundwork i completed this mission with over 1 minute left on the clock, so its just a leisurely drive around if you've done your homework
  • I been stuck on that one for ages, but I'll try your tip Gid, to see if I can do it!!