• Can anyone help me with this mission?
    I am trying to blow up the 3 laundery trucks but am not sure how I am suppost to use the hand garnades. If I get out of the car I am in they just get away before I can do much!
    I did manage to get one of them but I think it was just bum luck!
    Thanks! :0
  • I can't remember exactly how i did this mission, but if you don't want to get out of the car, you can always try to roll them.

    As for the grenades, i think the harder you press, the further they go. It's either that or the longer you hold them the further they go, i'm not 100% sure on that one.

    Good luck! :thumbsup:
  • Hey fella,

    as for the grenades, yep, if you want to use em, hit the shoot button the harder you hold them the further they go, save your game and have a practice before you take the mission to get to grips with the range..... three ways to do this mission: -

    1. The way they suggest you should, follow the vans until they stop at lights, don't try and grenade them on the move. stop a way back and bomb the crap out of them. Don't bump the vans or the driver will panic and not stop at any more lights and you will have to proceed to plan 2.

    2. Ram them off the road, do enough damage and they will burst into flames like any other car. If you touch the trucks with your car they will make a run for it and you will have to do it this way. Get a heavy car like a patriot for best results, anything smaller will just bounce you around every time you hit him at speed. A note is that there is nop time limit for this mission, giving you plenty of time to kill one van, get a new car and find the next.... follow him for a while, there is no rush.

    3. This is probably the easiest.... just jack the laundry trucks, wait till they stop at the lights, drag the driver out and steal the truck, take it somewhere quiet and blow it up any way you please....shoot it, drop it in the water, or just drive it till you roll it over!

    Hope this helps.....

  • Thanks for the help way2shady!
    I was trying to ram um off the road but just wasn't getting any where....
    I will give it another go tomorrow night.. :2devilish:
  • Forget about messing about with grenades on this one. To take the vans out in double quick time, just use the uzi drive by method. Instead of ramming them or trying to force them off the road when you are alongside them - just light em up with the uzi. A few seconds of prolonged fire and you'll see the front catch light indicating its time to hit the gas and on to the next. This method also ensures that you don't get caught in the explosion when the vans actually blow.

    Why make life hard for yourself? You don't even need a 'heavier' vehicle because you don't ever have to actually touch the vans.
  • Well said, Gideon.
  • Man you guys are a lot of help!!!
    I mean it... After I get out of API school of help I have to put in a few hours tonight on GTA3...
  • I took way2shady,s tip on just jacking the vans...
    Man that was tooooo easy, every time they stopped at a stop sign I just got out and took it from them....My thanks to all for your tipps
  • look at this ok what i did was get infront of the van couple of secinds then i got out let the van go bye coupleof yards then boom blew that sucker to pieces with me bazooka
  • Ya I just used that cheat to. Thnx for ur tip way2shady!! I hope u can help me with other questions I have!1 Ill just give ya a buzz ;)
    Have fun posting :thumbsup:
  • i jsut pulled up next to em at a light chuckd a grenade under them and ran away and they blew up :2silly: