Having trouble w/"pick up".
  • What's the best way to deal w/these thugs?
    I tried shooting them from the car but they pulled me out!
    Do I have to kill them in the alley or can I take the fight to the streets? They're really ####in' me off... :mad:
  • What u can do is when u get the brefcase bring ur car into the ally with u. Make sure u have an uzi incase a guy gets close to ur door u can shoot him. run them all over by ging back and forth. There is one guy who gets in a fish van just hit the van and he will get out. run him over and her the he!! out of there. Good luck :thumbsup:
  • That's what I've been trying to do. I've got the car w/me in the alley & been shooting from the car & I'm still getting pulled out the car. I will try to make sure I'm shooting towards the driver's door. Maybe that's the problem.
    Or it could be my son jumpin' up & down in the livin' room hollerin' "Run 'em over, run 'em over!!!" Heheheh.
    Thanx for the help coolgamer.
  • why don't you run towards the alley with the dude in the fish truck and kill the guy in that alley and jack the van. then run all of them down. that to me is the easiest way
  • Thanx you 2 for your advice. I'll keep tryin'.
    I've got another prob. you might to help me with....
    I can't use the guns for ####. I'm used to using weapons in a Resident Evil style, just pretty much point & shoot, hehehe.
    In GTA3 I never seem to be able to hit the guy I want to. And it's obvious I need to learn to shoot while on the run. Any tips you guys can give me?
  • I think that the auto aim is the easyest way. expecitaly when running. Just press R1 and he aims at the closest person. if u are still have problems u should go behind amunation and pratice. Never pratice inside at the target the shop owner will shoot u with his shotgun. :0

    P.S. its knid of funny to kill the shop owner. It dosent make the guns free but that would have been cool if they were. :laugh3:
  • once you kill the store owner you can go and grap his shot gun :2silly:
  • Thanx for the tips; I'll have to shot more people to get more practice. :cool:

    I didn't know you could get the shop owner's shotgun! The first time I went in there; everything was out of stock so I killed him. I'll have to grab it next time. Me likes the shotgun. :2devilish: