Genji (DotB)question...
  • BTW Hi I'm Missy, I found this site by searching over and over again for some help with Genji Days of the blade, I happened upon a question on this site that is exactly the same problem I have.

    After the whole fighting foes while trapped in the purplish "bubble," the character switches to the chick and big ol guy. Now, I know in the exterior hall 2 when your suppose to unlock the secret door to get the item needed, you need to have a key...right? You get the key offa dead gaurd...right? And this is supposed to lead you to the second lvl.
    Both my fiance and I have had absolutely no luck in getting a key off of any dead body. We were able to kill the flowers but by using the chick and press/hold the x and then the square buttons while below them. So, i'm assuming we should have gotten the key off of the gaurd before taking out the last two flowers?

    ...Or is there a bug with it, because we cannot get anywhere. Eli (fiance) has started the game over to see if we got ourselfs into a deadend...there is absoluetly nothing we can do in the game to get out of the whole courtyard area muchless get onto the second level to hit the switch for the secret door.

    Any help or advice is much much appreciated, thank you for reading and takin the time=):confused:
  • That's how they say to do it normally, yes. When I played through this section the guard with the key was in the area right beside the blocked door, just below the steps to the right in the courtyard. You should see the "examine" bit come up when in the right position.