• What do you have to do at the school? I just keep wandering aroiund killing those little people with axe's and not nowing were to go.
  • Hey, DL, check in here. You should find what you're looking for but if you still have questions feel free to ask. It has been a while since i've played this game so i need to refresh myself on it.
  • check around the rooms for the items to the clock tower in the main area and save ammo by shooting the little demons to the ground and if yeah need more help (i dont think my guide was helpful cuz i only got as far as the police) and i think i have a stragety guides in one of my mags but ill check for more
  • thanks please do I have a save right before it gets all dark and I cant figure it out please help
  • Hello Daggers Lover:)

    I have already finished Silent Hill but i just can't understand your question:confused: (my fault, im sorry)

    Could you rephrase your question.

    What have you already accomplished in the school so far?
  • Absolutly nothing!!!:) I'm in the stage were I walk in the schoool and I'm lost and lost little bastards come killing me! I dont know what to do!!:)
  • You get killed in the school? I never got killed, even before i found the stragety guide. Well, check all the rooms for stuff. I forgot what it is but its acid, an old mans hand, (you pour it on it) music, and a piano. Basicly you need to get the stuff to unlock the clock tower in the court yard and when you do things get F'd up and i mean F'd up. Oh and dont shoot until they come into your light area and when they are down kick so they die.
  • Daggers Lover,

    do you already have the map of the school? if not, you are definately lost!:)

    As soon as you enter the school, you will see some benches and something on top of them, take the map. Time by time look at your map in order to know where the place i am talking about, okidoki?!:)

    Always check the room for stuffs because some of them are hidden or camoflauged (not seen in the tv) like bullets, health drink, etc..

    Remember: There IS a way out! just find the way out.

    I suggest that you take a good look in the Reception area because there are written clues on some of the puzzles in the school. (If you want, write the clues down in the paper, like i did, so you will not come back to the reception area to read the clues again and again)

    Take a look at your map again, go to the infirmary. I know there are health drink and first aid inside that room; and also a saving point - the typewriter.

    Go up to the 2nd floor, go inside the laboratory equipment room. There is a bottle, take it. After you have taken it, go inside the chemistry laboratory. You will see a hand's man holding a gold thing. Use your bottle (which is a chemical), then watch the magic. Take the gold thing which is called a medallion.

    Go back to the courtyard, use the medallion in the spot in the left door. Then watch a scene. Thats your CUE!
    If you did what i told you in the reception area then you will know what i mean:)

    I'll leave the rest to you.............................. but if you still have problems,........I'm here:):wink:

  • Thanks I'll try that I forgot to get the map!!:) I'll come back to this thread if I have more questions
  • If you go in each room and look at everything you will find out what you need to do. have fun.
  • Once you get the map which is in the room you walk into when you first go into the school you will be able to find your way around the school a lot easier some doors will be locked but you will be able to use them later in the game. Once you have the map make your way to the science area (I think) and find the bottle of acid (already suggested) and then go and find the hand that is clasped round a coin type object use the acid and collect the coin then go into the courtyard and place it in the clock tower and you will notice that things become darker as the time will have accelerated to 12 (I think) and then you can use your map a bit more and you will have access to more rooms. Hope this is of some help!!!!