• I give up!

    someone please tell me where all these #### hidden packages are, it's been almost a month and still i haven't found even half of the ##### things.

    ...there should be a yawning smilie.
  • actually there is a thread here a while ago that had them ill find them for ya

    here this was made by ryhno fan january 3 saved in my favorites as i needed them too

    There are 33 in Portland, 36 in Staunton Island and 31 in Shoreside Vale.


    1: Drive north to the end of the path on Harwood.
    2: Harwood, roof of Head Radio Station.
  • A.J. and Rhyno Fan, thank you thank you thank you!
  • Hey your welcome always happy to help a friend out. you should thank ryhno fan for this one i jus copyed it and saved it :) and posted it here.

    Hey lynon or madhtr you should pin these packages because it would really help alot. thank you all your welcome

  • I think i have about 23 more packages to find and that list you have gave us AJ will help me out alot, CHEERS :thumbsup:

    I've just copied them down and will shortly be on my way to finding them all :)
  • a little help, had to start over, purple nines all disappeared, wiped the memory card.
    #37. Stadium ??? where?
    #39-42. Construction site- found one in the corner near the elevator, but there's another one?
  • I dont want credit for these as I did not do these myself:
    Unique Jumps:


    1) On the Callahan Bridge, going from Staunton to Portland, drive in the center
    going east until you hit the yellow and black 'ramp'.
  • Ok juggle not i know where the packages you are talking about for the one for the stadium is infront you know where the steps are leading to te entrance of the stadium going up well go straight up and its smack in the middle of the entrance

    Construction site-This is in the building in the construction site it is on the second floor you have to climb some steps to get in there it is in the middle of the building second floor emember that!!

    Basketball court- this one is in portland near the callahan bridge!! l@@k around you will see it Have you played the turismo missions if you have you pass it every time you pla that mission

    Well have fun killing people
  • so far found 16 rampages.
  • Ive only found about........12,13? dont remember hey thanx for the note though that helped me a lot
  • glad to be of assistance.
  • I have tried the one with the cartel run them over but they shoot m car it goes boom and i have yet to beat it yet!!!!!! :thumbsup:
  • if you stay in the area in front of the airport, there are always 2 or 3 Taxis sitting out front.