Turismo tip with the diablo's
  • ok, first you have to have the hummer (bullet proof one) then you get the code whee you get a tank. second get in the hummer (bullet proof0 then go to raciong site but do not stop on blue marker park car. NOTE: park car on sidewalk just in case. get out of car get about four tanks park the tanks rigt infront of the diablos cars there should be three. then park the tanks infront of the cars. dontput one infront of you. pack the tanks closely together blocking the diablos from getting past. make an opening for you to go by then gto to the blue marker with the (bullet proof humer) and race its pretty easy you wont have to worry about the racers and or the bullets that fly by you when you are racing.
  • Thanks for the tip A.J.
    I am going to try that one to night along with a few others I have just learned.. :thumbsup:
  • Here's a tip for completing Turismo without resorting to cheat codes if you are undertaking the mission before you have accessed Staunton (i.e. before the guys at St Marks start waving their shotguns at you every time you step foot in their territory). Pre-Staunton, the fastest car you can get hold of is the Banshee. However, if you do some Police vigilante missions, occasionally the bad guy will be driving a cheetah or an infernus. If you can force the guy off the road and make him get out without blowing up the car
  • Thanks for the tips ya'll. it has taken me FOREVER to beat that but I finally dod with the help of Gideon.( Srry A.J. i tried ur cheat but it was just too hard. Maybe i am just an idiot!! LOL.) Thnx again Gideon and A.J. for ur tips cuz they really helped out.
    Have fun posting and happy v day :thumbsup:
  • you welcome dude!!!
  • Hey A.J. I tried your tip with the tanks... It took awail to set up but I did keep the diablo's far behind me when I took off.
    I don't know what the problem is but I was hauling @$$ picking up all the blue spots and then all of a sudden it said I failed the race...whats with that??
  • i just waited a bit off the line and followed the cars for a bit th cars tend to run each other off of the road and when the do theres your chance to go ahead and take the lead once you begin to take the lead i had smooth sailing rest of the way :2silly:
  • hey worf ive read your post and maybe you didnt go through the check points maybe you missed one any way its a good easy way to win the race!!
  • You could be right A.J.
    I always drive like a bat out of hell so I must of missed a street
  • Hey A.J.
    I finally won that race... I took Gideon's tip and just speed up and just touched the car on the left and did get a little head start.
    I also paid more attention to the map to keep on the right streets....even tho I wrecked my fastest car I was able to get a taxi and still get way ahead and win!! :laugh3:
  • good job but one thing how many turismo missions are there one? two? three? i mean i think my c.d. is scratched because i dont think there is that many turismo missions i have played about 5 of them and i still havent gotton passed it i just dont get it if im right i might have to rent the game to finish that part of the game!! ???