Portland Import / Export Mission
  • You know the ship on the portland harbor that wants all the goverment
  • Badboy you need to supply the following to the docks:

    FBI Car
    Enforcer (Police van)
    Police Car
    Barracks OL
    Rhino Tank

    When you have done this a series of GTA icons will appear in the area where you dump the vehicles. Each icon will have the name of one of the vehicles above it. You now have an unlimited supply of all the vehicles you collected. Simply walk into the appropriate icon and that particular vehicle will be taken off the ship and supplied to you. When a vehicle has been deposited on the dock, the icons respawn, so you can take as many vehicles as you want.

    Every now and again i love to grab a rhyno and go and give those mafia boys in St Marks a good kicking - lets face it, they deserve it!
  • thanks gideon. All I need is the police van and im done.

    Yeah and I
  • Hey, I never knew that mission...looks like fun, where can I do it in Portland?