What to do with extra securicars
  • i just figured out that if you take any extra securicars (like anyone just has a bunch of them) to portland harbor there will be a bunch of garage doors right when you get in. they are labeled 1..2..3..4..5..., except the one which should have a two has nothing. if you drive a securicar into it, it will give you 5,000. not a lot of money but i wonder if you get anything special for bringing a bunch of them. i (like the rest of you) have trouble finding securicars, so if anyone knows if you get a bonus for bringing a lot of them let me know.
  • I have only seen one Securicar and I took it back to my hideout in stanton island because I knew I would need it later. Well I guess I forgot to save that game cus I lost it
  • Import/Export garage in portland will give me as many as I want now. I will try and see if you get anything special.
  • The first time that you take a Securicar in you'll get $50k and you'll get half each time after that meaning next time you'll get $25k and then $12.5k and so on after that. Eventually it will be a waste of time to do it but it's still extra money. Securicars come out at certain times during a "week" and when you do find one see what time it is(in the game) and then the next week at that time you'll see Securicars out again. They don't stay out all day though so if you see one you better jump out and grab it right then. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup: