help with internet connection
  • firstly i may sound stupid, coz i knw nothing about setups, im continously getting dns error, on ps3 connection. plus one more thing i want to knw, can i connect ma ps3 to internet by making bridge connection cross cables with pc.
  • If you have the spare ethernet port you can connect via ethernet cables to the PS3 that way- you would need to turn on internet connection sharing on the pc for that to work. A quick Google will turn up the instructions for this.

    As for the DNS error, are you connecting through a router?
  • yep i got one extra ethernet port on ma what i did switch on the internet on ma pc made a bridge connection and thn through cross cable i made connection to ma ps3.....i entered the manual ip it worked but thn it gave me this dns pc shows tht theres one more connection...what should i do it possible to make our pc a server and give connection to ps3? im sry i dont knw this stuff alot...need big help
  • Sounds like you did most of it right (you know more than you think ;) ). If you turn on Internet Connection Sharing it will help- as i mentioned above, a search through Google will turn up the how-to's for your operating system (it varies a bit between XP and Vista).

    As for the DNS addreses, go into the start menu and start up the Command Prompt (found under Accessories in the Start menu) and type ipconfig /all. This should bring up onto the screen all the information about your computer's conection. What you want to look for is Primary DNS and SEcondary DNS. Take those numbers and add them into your PS3's connection. You also may want to use just standard ethernet cable and not the crossover between the pc and the PS3.